Mini GSXR 1000

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Mini GSXR 1000

Post  Cerberus on Mon Nov 01, 2010 4:44 pm

hi guys spotted a dubed out Corrado with a SCM sticker on thought id take a look around! and that vw looked sweet as nice to see some proper cars around

now im posting so hi everyone

thought id show off my Mini not had it to long but got big plans for it. but she looks pretty sweet already.

spec as follows

Z cars front and rear subframe/rollcage

mid mounted GSXR 1000 motorbike engine and SEQ box's with a RWD chain drive setup (so no reverse which gets some funny looks)

willwood brake setup useing ford disc's and calipers out back and willwoods own 4 pots up front

7x13 deep superlights

coilovers all round

buckets seats

4 point's

didgy dash

shift lights and gear indicator

wide arches

carbon boot and front end (weighing in at 590kg)

much more but im board of typing now

as you can see im not really into body kits and huge subs but i do like sympathetically modded motors and anything that beats a 911 too 100mph has to be cool Laughing

Thanks Andy


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